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APERO Wine Opener - Powered by N₂O
APERO Wine Opener - Powered by N₂O
APERO Wine Opener - Powered by N₂O
APERO Wine Opener - Powered by N₂O
APERO Wine Opener - Powered by N₂O

APERO Wine Opener - Powered by N₂O

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The wine opener, reimagined - APÉRO is the world’s first nitrous oxide powered wine opener. It delivers the easiest and most efficient wine opening experience. With the press of a button,N₂O is injected into the bottle, pushing the cork out from inside. Strength and function meet innovation. Boasting a strong, sturdy and sleek design, APÉRO is cut from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. Its minimal and sleek design is beautiful enough to be displayed prominently next to your wine collection.

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What Our Customer Say

Apero is great! An elegant and super easy way to open wine. Love the minimal design and finish. Feels sturdy like it will last forever. I’ll definitely get more as gifts for friends and family.

by Deltron - Verified Purchase

I am a business owner and wine enthusiast and I was looking for a wine opener to surprise and delight my clients whenever we open a wine bottle together. I find a regular wine opener is too plain and boring and does not provide a memorable experience for my clients. When I came across the Apero N2O Powered Wine Opener, it caught my eye because I've never seen something like this before. After researching about it, I pulled the trigger to buy one and I'm honestly really impressed by the quality and how easy it was to use. The first time using my Apero wine opener with my clients, they were so intrigued by how unique it was and have since asked me to bring it to every gathering we have because they love how cool it is. I'm happy I bought mine because it has helped me shine to my clients, which I believe helped me close several deals. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to impress friends, family, clients, or someone special.

by Steven D. - Verified Purchase

Product works well, but you need to use care to make certain centered over cork and push straight down. I bent the needle when first used it, but straightened it and works very well. Used with a couple of bottles with marginal corks (older bottles) and once again make sure centered. Also be light on pressure, it might take a few seconds for cork to start to move, so give it those few seconds. Just a light touch will do it! Service from mfr. very good if you have any issues. I’d buy it again.

by Robert Stahl - Verified Purchase

The unit is very sleek and stylish. It looks great on the countertop and I did not have to hide it in a drawer. And of course, it works great.

by Danica - Verified Purchase

I was looking for a thank you gift to express gratitude towards a family friend for hosting an extravagant weekend getaway and was having the most difficult time thinking of a gift idea for someone who has it all/can buy it all. Upon stumbling on this fancy wine opener, I knew it was the perfect gift! I didn’t get to try it out myself, but the packaging it came in was quite elegant. When she finally got around to using it, she said it works great (which was assuring to hear that it’s easy to use). Highly recommend it as a gift to impress!

by P. Armstrong - Verified Purchase

Opened my older bottles perfectly (Bordeaux 1981, Sauternes 1992 etc.) Five stars, recommend for those serious about wine.

by RA1506 - Verified Purchase

This product is unreal! It was so much fun to learn to use. It took a time or two to perfect the bottle opening process but it is a great tool to show off to friends and family. Everyone is always amazed by it.

by Jessie - Verified Purchase

Great product - easy to use. Opens wine bottles in seconds. The only issue is that my wife has problems removing the cork because it takes some strength to pull down the housing which takes the cork off the needle. It would be great if the design could be modified to use the gas to push the housing down. But, overall, I really like this opener.

by R. Kerr - Verified Purchase

It's true to what it claims. It could open every type of wine bottle quickly and with no effort. Had many before this but this is the best.

by Victor Yang - Verified Purchase

APERO Wine Opener
How It Works

We have spent the past year developing this product and are excited to bring to you the APÉRO Wine Opener. Founded by two friends from Los Angeles and Paris, this project brings together two of their passions: Design and Wine.

What You'll Find
In The Box

Odorless. Tasteless. Unbridled Power.


The World's Fastest Wine Opener

When French Master sommelier Christian Martray chose APÉRO for uncorking 100’s of world class wines at his international tasting events, we knew we nailed our execution. Like our esteemed colleagues, APÉRO nitrous oxide powered wine opener is first across the finish line, imbuing lightning fast uncorking without disturbing notes, body or leaving behind cork deposits.

“After serving the most distinctive palettes around the world APÉRO gains my highest marks. As my personal choice, and the preferred choice of the most distinguished sommeliers on the planet, APÉRO is your only choice if you value everything truly wonderful wine delivers.

Nothing else comes close.”

Christian Martray
Internationally Acclaimed Sommelier - Paris, France

The Difference
Comparison Chart

N20 Powered

Crisp, clean 3 second pull

Prevents Cork Deposits

Opens 20 bottles per minute

Impeccable design

No batteries or charging required

Portable & Lightweight

Eliminates brute force & fumbling

Odorless, Scentless. Maintains flavor integrity, guaranteed.

Gentile Extraction – Arthritis Friendly

Enhanced Longevity – Engineered from Leer Jet Grade Aluminum

Lifetime Warranty