Sleek & Luxurious Design

Its minimal and sleek design is beautiful enough to be displayed prominently next to your wine collection


What Our Customer Say

The unit is very sleek and stylish. It looks great on the countertop and I did not have to hide it in a drawer. And of course, it works great.

Danica - Verified Purchase

This product is unreal! It was so much fun to learn to use. It took a time or two to perfect the bottle opening process but it is a great tool to show off to friends and family. Everyone is always amazed by it.

Jessie - Verified Purchase

Apero is great! An elegant and super easy way to open wine. Love the minimal design and finish. Feels sturdy like it will last forever. I’ll definitely get more as gifts for friends and family.

Deltron - Verified Purchase

The product comes beautifully packaged and includes everything you need to get started opening bottles of wine.

Luis - Verified Purchase

Really impressed with the packaging and presentation. The photos on the page are great but doesn’t do the unboxing experience justice. It was all “oohs and aahs” when we got it in the mail and even more of that when opening the first bottle of wine.

Arthur - Verified Purchase

I was looking for a thank-you gift to express gratitude towards a family friend, upon stumbling on this fancy wine opener, I knew it was the perfect gift!

P. Armstrong - Verified Purchase

This is a great product and the company really stands behind it. After 10 months of use, my wife broke the needle on the product. I contacted the company and submitted a warranty claim. A few days later, I had a brand new Apéro delivered to my home!

Brad - Verified Purchase

I was browsing for a gift for friends who were having a housewarming party. I luckily stumbled up on this AWESOME wine opener after a brief search and boy was I glad! It comes in an elegant box, so there's no need to re-wrap.

Jessalyn - Verified Purchase

Design has a simple refined look that goes well with almost any kitchen or home decor. It’s easy to use, handy and elegant. It looks very clever and sophisticated. Everyone who enjoys wine should have one of these.

Gabrielle - Verified Purchase