APERO Replacement Needle

Nitrous Oxide Chargers

  • 1 Replacement Needle

  • NOTE:  This is only compatible with the newest version of the APERO Wine Opener.  Please contact us if you have any questions about your product version at info@aperowine.com


    Sleek & Luxurious Design

    Its minimal and sleek design is beautiful enough to be displayed prominently next to your wine collection

    4 Easy Steps - How it Works

    STEP 1

    Powered by Nitrous Oxide N₂O

    Install the N2O charger.

    STEP 2

    Center Needle Over the Cork

    Pull the APÉRO straight down until the base is heard reaching top of the glass bottle.

    STEP 3

    Press the Button Slowly

    Holding base of the bottle with one hand, give the button a slow controlled press.

    STEP 4


    Allow the N2O to push the cork up and out on its own. Make sure to not hold the APÉRO down.

    See How it Works