What types of wines can the APERO Wine Opener be used to open?

  • The APERO Wine Opener can be used to open regular sized corked bottles of wine – all vintages and all types of varietals ie: white wine, red wine, rose wine etc.

What types of corks can the APERO Wine Opener be used with?

  • The APERO Wine Opener can be used with synthetic or natural material corks. The APERO Wine Opener is not for use with corks on champagne/sparkling wines, or screw top wines.

What sized bottles can the APERO Wine Opener be used to open?

  • The APERO Wine Opener is not for use with unusual sizes, magnum bottles, etc.

What is NO?

  • N₂O stands for Nitrous Oxide and is used commonly in high end cuisines/gastronomy and used by patisseries for making whipped cream.  It is colorless, odorless, and completely safe.  It would not affect your wine in any way.

Do I need to remove the NO charger between uses?

  • The N₂O charger is meant to stay in the APERO until it runs out.  Please do not remove as contents are pressurized and may be unsafe to do so.  Removing the N₂O charger before it is completely expelled and/or misuse may result in injury and is not recommended.  In the event of injury, please seek medical attention immediately.

How many bottles can one NO charger be used to open?

What’s the best way to achieve the maximum amount of wine bottles that can be opened with one NO charger?

  • When using the APERO Wine Opener, one short controlled press of the button is all it takes. There is no need to hold down as it would cause an excess of N₂O to expel and would deplete the charger faster than usual. 

The NO charger is running out faster than normal, what could be the issue?

  • Make sure that the charger chamber is tightly twisted on the APERO unit.  If the charger chamber is not tightly twisted on, it would cause the N₂O charger to leak and over time, depleting the charger.

  • Check that the Needle is tightly screwed on as well.  You may do so using an 8mm wrench. 

The needle is bent, broken and/or difficult to puncture the cork.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Purchase an APERO wine opener directly on aperowine.com and try it at home with your favorite wines. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 30 days. For more information, please visit our Money Back Guarantee page.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

  • APERO offers a 1 Year Warranty for wine openers registered within the first 30 days of purchase. For more information, please visit our Warranty Policy page.  You may register your APERO for Warranty at our Warranty page. 

Additional questions? Please contact us at info@aperowine.com.


Tips & Care:

  • It is important make sure the needle is perfectly centered in the middle of the cork before pushing the APERO straight down.

  • Before pressing the button to remove the cork, make sure the APERO unit is pushed all the way down until you hear it hit the rim of the glass.

  • Give the needle a quick wipe with a wet napkin or towel to keep any wine residue from corroding the metal over time.

  • Every now and then it is good to check the needle. If you notice it to be even just a little bent, replace the needle cover to protect your finger and lightly push the needle back into straight position again. 

  • If the needle is bent and/or difficult to puncture the cork or broken, it is time to replace the needle.  You may find them avaialble here

  • Please visit our Concierge page for more information.




  • DO NOT USE the APERO Wine Opener for anything other than intended use.

  • DO NOT submerge APERO Wine Opener in water or other liquid.

  • DO NOT expose APERO Wine Opener to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

  • DO NOT place the APERO Wine Opener in the dishwasher, this product not dishwasher safe.

  • The APERO Wine Opener is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.

  • N₂O is a gas and the chargers are under high pressure. The APERO Wine Opener is designed to work with the APERO N₂O chargers.  Use of other types of gas chargers may cause damage to the APERO Wine Opener and doing so would void your warranty.