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About us

Meet The Innovators Behind APÉRO

Driven by perfection, innovation and design, APERO strives to disrupt the wine industry, evolving old traditions with precision crafted technological advancements that deliver wine modernizations to the most discerning, distinctive palettes. Founded by two friends from Los Angeles and Paris, this project brings together two of their passions: Design and Wine.


I believe good product design stretches beyond the marriage of design and functionality. It's also about the way a product makes you feel when you use it. Materials, weight, tactile feel and sound come together in APÉRO to create a wine opening experience that is extremely satisfying.

Guillaume Acier CO-FOUNDER

Being from France, wine has always been part of my life. The name APÉRO actually comes from the French word "aperitif", which is a gathering of friends and family for drinks and appetizers - it is always a good time. That is why it was perfect for our product to be named after this.