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  • INCLUDES 2 or 5 nitrous oxide N₂O replacement chargers for your APERO unit.

  • OPEN UP TO 40 - 50 bottles with each N₂O charger.

  • POWERED BY NITROUS OXIDE - Introducing the world’s first N₂O powered, fastest and most efficient wine opener. With the press of a button, you can open any bottle of wine in a split second. No batteries, electronics, or adapters, APERO is powered by just one nitrous oxide charger.

  • WARRANTY - Your APERO wine opener is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Keep your warranty valid and your APERO wine unit working flawlessly by only using official APERO branded N₂O nitrous oxide chargers.

  • HANDY STORAGE BOX - The N₂O charger box was designed to conveniently store two or five replacement N₂O chargers at a time and as easier access than storing them inside the main APERO storage gift box.